FRitids (Party room)

FRitids is the party room on Emilsborg and available to rent for tenants of Chalmers Studentbostäder (CSB). In the room is a sound system and a fully equipped kitchen offering most of your party needs, like glassware, dishes and cutlery etc. Use the large open space as a dance floor, or arrange tables and chairs for a dinner party, for up to 45 people including hosts. There is of course plenty of room in the fridge for keeping your food and drinks chilled.

Note that…

FRitids is only rented to private gatherings, and not to (student) organizations of commercial purposes. Violations of this can lead to your booking being canceled or loss of the right to use the room.

To get in touch, visit the Contact page or join the facebook group ”Festlokalen FRitids”.

Reservation of FRitids is done via ”My pages” at chalmers studentbostäder’s website, where you book time for laundry. In order to access the booking tab for FRitids, you must fill out the form that can be found below, but read all the information first.
We will add accesses as soon as we can. If you have already filled in the form, you have been granted access, if not, your information you have stated has been inadequate.
Cancelling of reservation must be done before Tuesday the same week as the reserved date. Otherwise you will be billed a fee of 500 kr. If you reserve a date and don’t pay or use the room, you will still be billed a fee of 1 000 kr.   
Available times will be released to the extent that we in the trust council can participate in inspections, you can only reserve one month in advance. After you have booked a date, you must pay 1000 SEK to account number: 986-3606 with the message ”20YYMMDD ´internal apartment number´”, the date is the date you are going to rent fritids.
No deposit is needed but we will send an invoice after the inspection, that you must pay within 10 days, if it is so that one or more of the inspection points is not met.
Access to fritids is from 13:00 on Fridays and 15:00 on Saturdays and inspection takes place at 12:00 the next day after your reserved date (cleaning complete and floors dry!). You collect the keys in CSB’s reception the same week that your booking is and you need to be able to show that the payment has gone through, observe their opening hours! You can either leave the keys to the FR-member that does the inspection or dropp it off in the key box in CSBs reception door. When you collect the keys you also have to sign a contract where you accept the terms stated. Further information regarding the alarm and fees e.g. inadequate cleaning etc.
Loss of access in aptus
If you have lost your access for the reservation page of FRitids you have to fill out the form on the bottom of this page.  This is because the access is valid for 1 year and needs to be renewed. But be aware that we can’t renew the access unless it has expired.
If you have any further questions regarding FRitids you can send an email to:

Uthyrningsinformation för festlokalen Fritids

Rental information for FRitids

Avgifter FRitids (Fee list)

Hyreskontrakt (Contract, viewing only)

Book and pay

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