Cinema room

In our cinema room, you and your friends can enjoy a good movie (you need to bring your own computer).

Booking Information
Any new tenant who would like to book the movie room will have to attend an introductory course. After the intro, access will be given to the tenant and the booking will be done through CSB’s homepage. The times available for booking are from 16.00 (4 pm) to 00.00 (midnight) between Tuesdays and Saturdays. After usage, the premises including the kitchen, shall be thoroughly cleaned, all dishes washed and put back in the cabinets. If the cleaning is not adequate then FR will charge a fee for the corresponding standard.

The room is intended for a maximum of 16 people and only intended for watching movies. Due to safety and fire restriction reasons, hosting parties here is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.


The person liable for the movie room be will inspecting the premises after each rental. If it doesn’t live up to the expectations, the person will be charged or even blocked from further bookings and usage.

FRio – Rules and instructions cinema room

Terms of condition – the cinema room

The tenant must make sure that:

  •    An introduction must be attended and a contract signed before getting access to book the room. Dates for intro courses can be found at our facebook page.
  •    Any flaws and/or destruction of property is reported to the Council of Trustees as soon as possible (see inventory list situated in the room), or else you will be responsible for the cost of missing and/or destroyed items.
  •    No damage is made to the room or the inventory.
  •    The number of people inside the room never exceeds more than 16, due to fire safety
  •    No parties are hosted, due to the room being intended for watching movies.
  •    No smoking allowed
  •    No animals or pets inside the cinema room (due to allergies)
  •    The room is cleaned before you leave it, e.g. the floor and sofas are vacuumed. Make sure that tables and other surfaces are wiped of. You will be charged a cleaning fee if this is not done before next rental.
  •    Everyone inside the room is careful when using the equipment. Do NOT put food or beverages on top of the speakers, use the coffee tables.
  •    No unauthorized people are allowed inside the room
  •    The shoes must be taken off and kept on the carpet inside the door. Wearing shoes is not allowed elsewhere in the room.
  •    The door is kept closed. Every person needs to open the room him/her self with personal key. DO NOT open for anyone, no exceptions.
  •    The neighbors are not disturbed

The restroom can be found around the corner outside the cinema room.

Further info regarding damages

When damage is made to the room or the inventory, you are responsible to pay the cost for replacing/fixing the items in question. If the tenant repeatedly neglects these rules and/or damages the property, he or she will be suspended from hiring the room again.

Fire rules

The fire extinguishers can be found in the kitchen. Please do note where the evacuation routes are located.

The person renting the premises carries the full responsibility during the whole time.

Important contact information:

  •    Report of missing/damaged inventory or questions regarding the room, can be e-mailed to the email of the cinema room, please see the Contact page.