Our rooms and services

Below is a short table of the various rooms/services that we provide and maintain, and their current operational status. For more detailed information regarding a specific room or service, visit the specific dedicated page under the dropdown of ”Our rooms and services” by clicking at the room or service you’re interested in. Remember, if a room is not operational, you will NOT get a reply if contacting that room’s corresponding mail address. Email addresses to every room is found under the Contact page.

Room/service Brief description Status
Music room Play instruments together with friends Operational!
Party room FRitids Rent this hall for parties or celebrations Operational!
Billiards room Play pool with your friends Operational
Project room Give life to your projects in the project room Operational!
Cinema room Watch movies at the cinema room with the projector Operational!
Sauna Relax at the sauna, at Gibraltargatan 86 NOT OPERATIONAL. Closed for maintenance.
Sewing room Repair your clothes or sew new stuff at the sewing room Operational!
Tool rental Borrow tools, household and kitchen appliances from us Operational!
Rent negotiations Once a year, we negotiate with CSB to keep the rents for the tenants down. Operational!
Cultivation boxes Farm your own potatoes at the boxes at Gibraltargatan 80. Operational!
Bike clearance At times we clear out old bikes from storage and sell or give them away. We’re in need of people who can help us with this. Please contact us!