Music room closed

The Music room is unfortunately closed due to a brake in a few months ago. The trust council is working on making the room operational again, we will notice you when the room is up and running again. 

If you have any questions regarding the music room send an email to

Best Regards

Förtroenderådet vid Chalmers Studentbostäder 

FRitids open again!

Dates are now released in aptus and open for you to rent! You can only reserve dates one month in advance. Please read the information on the FRitids page or in the Facebook group  BEFORE you email us. If you have any further questions regarding FRitids you can contact us at

Summer break

This week FR had the last meeting for this semester. This also means that the rooms soon will be closed for summer and that we will not check the emails as often as usual. We will be back in august/september and then more rooms will be open. 

For next semester, we want someone who wants to be responsible for FR, if you are interested, please email

Happy summer!

/The council

Bike clearance

Today, the 7th of April, Förtroenderådet has started a bike clearance. We have attached tags to all bikes at CSB:s living areas. This tag has to be removed no later than 11th of May, in order for you to keep your bike. The bikes who still have a tag attached will be moved to a storage room. If you have any questions, please email


The council

New webpage, update regarding email situation

Hello members of the council,

We’re in the process of constructing this new website, and even though it likely won’t be possible to book rooms from here in the near future, we will try to keep you updated regarding room status, news and more. The mail server has as of yesterday been restored and so unanswered mails sent the past three months should be re-sent.

We’re also looking at cloud hosting to prevent these kind of difficulties from happening again. Previously, most of our data has been on private servers, maintained by older Council members with IT-knowledge.

Thanks for the patience!

The Council