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  1. Inquiries concering your apartment, such as questions about billing or repairs should be voiced to Chalmers Studentbostäder ( AND NOT to us. We, The Council, do not, nor cannot help you with your apartment problems. The only time you should turn to us is if you have tried contacting CSB and not gotten the help you have needed.
  2. Please do explore this webpage before sending us an email, to see if the answers you seek are found somewhere on our site – this saves you, and us, a lot of time.
  3. E-mails regarding any of our activity rooms that have been sent to will NOT be replied to, and should instead be sent to each room’s own email-address provided on this webpage, under the tab ”Our rooms and services”.
  4. Before you send us your mail, please note that we too are students and provide these services on our free time, unpaid. We will usually reply within 1 – 2 weeks.
  5. Before complaining to us that there is no reply from the room e-mail, check the Our rooms and services page to see the room’s status. If the room in question is devoid of someone in charge, do not expect a reply as there’s no one manning the email. 

Yes, I have read and understood the above rules - show me the email-adresses (click here)!

Provided that you follow the above guidelines, you’re welcome to mail us any other questions or concerns to, or attend our biannual tenant meetings. Below is a list of email adressess for all our rooms and services.

Room/service Email
Music room
Party room FRitids (No booking requests)
Billiards room
Project room
Cinema room
Boxing room
Sewing room
Photo room
Tool rental
Cultivation boxes
Rent negotiations
Bike clearance
Interested in joining FR