Rent negotiations for 2021

Rent negotiations for the 2021 years rents are closed.

We are pleased to announce that rents for 2021 will remain unchanged. We and Chalmers Studentbostäder agreed on this during the autumn’s rent negotiations together with the rents for the new building ”Emilsbro” at Emilsborg and determined the internet fee.

Closing the party room

We at Förtroenderådet, together with Chalmers Studentbostäder and the tenants attending the tenant meeting, have come to the conclusion to close the party room until further notice. This is, as you might know, due to the new restrictions from the public health agency and the increase of infected people. We also, as an organisation have a responsibility to make sure our members working with us are safe and don’t get exposed to any risk or harm.

FRee beach volleyball 8/11

Our activity plans this year for you tenants has for some reasons been hard to execute – think you know why…
But we still want to do something fun for you and that’s why we are inviting you to come and play beach volleyball with us and other tenants!
Price: Free!
Where?: Beachcenter in Kviberg, Krutvägen 6.
When?: 8/11 11:00
DEADLINE: 1/11 16:00.
Facebook event:

Tenant meeting 31/10

Förtroenderådet bjuder nu in till hyresgästmöte den 31 oktober 2020 kl 12:00.
Vi bjuder de som närvarar vid mötet på lagom mängd bakismat (pizza) och återställare efter mötet.
Vid hyresgästmötet kommer frågor om ansvarsfrihet för förra årets styrelse, val av ledamöter för 2021 att tas upp, vi kommer även fastställa Förtroenderådets medlemsavgift för nästa år. Givetvis kommer det även finnas möjlighet för att ta upp motioner eller egna frågor. (instruktioner för hur du väcker en motion finns i kallelsen som skickades på mail)
Självfallet kommer det också gå att vara med på mötet digitalt, för att få en bra bild av hur många som vill vara med på länk eller vara med fysiskt ser vi gärna att du svarar på det här:
Efter mötet håller vi pub där vi även bjuder på pizza till de som varit med på mötet.
Var: FRitids på Gibraltargatan 78 (till höger om trappan upp till receptionen)
När: lördag 31 oktober kl 12:00
Facebook event:
Förtroenderådet now invites you to the tenant’s spring meeting on October 31, 2020 at 12:00.
At the tenants’ meeting, questions about discharge for last year’s board, as well as the election of representatives for 2021, and the membership fee for 2021, will be raised. Of course, there will also be the opportunity to take up your own questions or raise motions (instructions on how to raise a motion are found in the email that has been sent out regarding the meeting).
We will of course also provide a Zoom link for those who cannot attend the meeting in person. We’d also like you to fill in if you will attend the meeting in person or by zoom so we can get an idea of how many will attend. Please register your intent here (you are of course free to change your mind at a later date):
After the meeting we will offer free food and drinks to the tenants present at the meeting.
Where: FRitids on Gibraltargatan 78 (to the right of the stairs up to the reception)
When: Saturday, October 31 at 12:00.
Facebook event:

FRitids is reopened

We have decided to reopen FRitids (the party room) but with some smaller restrictions and new procedures. 

  1. The maximum number of people is reduced to 45 people including hosts. 
  2. The doors should be opened 30 minutes before the inspection so that the room ventilates properly and reduces the risk for the members in FR.
  3. It is mandatory to attend the inspection so that you can do some complimentary cleaning if needed.

New cultivation boxes!

A big thank you to all tenants that helped us with the heavy work and we hope that you will enjoy the new cultivation boxes!

If anyone would like to use one of the boxes you have to send an email to and you’ll get further details of how it works.

FRitids closed for now…


We have decided to close the party room FRitids for the time being due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The restrictions from authorities state that gatherings with more than 50 people are forbidden and to make it easier for people to follow this we close FRitids completely. We also don’t want to expose those in Förtroenderådet that does the inspections after every party.

We will update you when the party room will be available again, but don’t count on it being open until next autumn. 

Best regards, FRitids-responsible   

Music room closed

The Music room is unfortunately closed due to a brake in a few months ago. The trust council is working on making the room operational again, we will notice you when the room is up and running again. 

If you have any questions regarding the music room send an email to

Best Regards

Förtroenderådet vid Chalmers Studentbostäder 

FRitids open again!

Dates are now released in aptus and open for you to rent! You can only reserve dates one month in advance. Please read the information on the FRitids page or in the Facebook group  BEFORE you email us. If you have any further questions regarding FRitids you can contact us at